We culture the Brachionus plicatilis sp. (L&S type), a free swimming pelagic zooplankton for the use of feeding in the aquarium. Our Rotifer is especially used as a first feed for newly hatched larvae (marine and fresh water) as it is high in EPA, lipid, DHA, vitamin C, B2, B6, B12. Rotifer is the perfect food source for many organisms in your reefs, it is essential for balancing out your mini ecosystem, absorbing nutrients in the water column and then passing it to your filter and prey catching feeders.

Our Rotifer is cultured in a sterile laboratory environment to prevent contamination and parasites. PlanktOnyx rotifer are kept on a live diet high in carbohydrates, vitamins and HUFA including our phytoplankton blend (which also makes it an anti-bacterial capsule to protect young larval and juvenile fish proven in aqua-culturing studies) to ensure they are perfect for feeding and to meet all the required needs of the organisms in your reef system.

They are not only good for feeding but they aren’t just for feeding they serve a role in maintenance of your reef system as well; rotifers thrive on detritus and extra food in the water column. A large colony of them will be greatly effective at clearing the gunk out the water naturally. This makes Rotifer excellent at maintaining a healthy reefing system.  

Our rotifer nutritional diet is specially designed using the aquarium nutritional index to fill up these capsules that we call Rotifer so that they may provide the best nutrients to those they fall prey to.

We bottle our rotifers after they are cleaned off before bottling this is to prevent infestations and parasites.

Our Rotifers can be stored in the refrigerator until used. Enriched rotifers are bottled in clean water to prevent ammonia and prevent pH swings inside the bottles as a result of rotifer’s waste product. Refrigerating rotifer cells will slow down their metabolism and keep their nutritional profile. For the best results use within 3 week period. Our Rotifers are freshly harvest daily to ensure fresh stock is provided to you only.

Minimum dosage of 50ml per 100L. shake before use.


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