Omni-feed 140g



Contains: 3 different types of fish fillets, prawns, mussel meat, krill, Artemia, blood worm, wonder worm, (multi vitamin and 9 essential omega fatty acids for fish), Nuri, Ulva, black sea sprat, shrimp meat, squid and fish eggs.

It is high in omega fatty acids and has algae’s in that contain fibre needed for the digestive system to work correctly.

Feeding fish frozen foods is much easier for your fish to digest and get all their vitamins needed to keep them in good shape. The added vitamins and omega fatty acids are added as frozen products don’t retain all the nutrition they once had, so we ensure that your fish are getting the best and all the nutrition needed to keep them health. Our products are freshly prepared weekly so that you are receiving the best quality.

Omni-feed is great for providing a balanced diet to a mixed reef.


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