Mix Pods





Mix pods is a mixture of Amphipods (shrimp like crustacean) and Tisbe Pods.

This is best mix for seeding a new tank.

Besides being a great live food source they also do great with cleaning inside of the rock work and creating filtration in your sand bed as they crawl under it and make tunnels. They also keep the detritus under control which in fact protects your reef system from breeding unwanted parasites whos young rely fully on detritus to mature and grow to adults (such as many types of Ich, worms and bad bacteria).  500ml


Instructions: Mix pods to be acclimated by floating the bottle in the water for 30mins before releasing them to reach acquired temperature, best to release the pods at night in the main tank and any time of day in the refugium or sump. Switch off pumps and Wave makers to allow them to settle in. Feed pod feed to keep a healthy population.



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