Fish Dewormer 140g






Contains: Fish de-wormer, fish fillets, prawns, different mussel meat, krill, brine shrimp, blood worm, wonder worm, dry sea weed, Ulva and black sea sprat, shrimp and added vitamins.

When to de-worm fish?

We recommend that you deworm any new fish added to your display tank or Quarantine. Many fish that come in are from the wild and have been exposed to different fish in holding tank which makes them vulnerable to picking up intestinal infections and parasites which is why deworming is so important to get the fish back to its healthy self.

 What to look out for?

Faeces are stringy, solid lengths, white/grey in colour, worms in faeces (checked under microscope), etc.
Appearance of worms at vent (anal opening)
Fish eats voraciously (the proper foods) but doesn’t seem to gain weight
Fish eats but is losing weight, or seems to be wasting away
Fish eats but is losing coloration and clear marking boundaries
Fish eating habits have changed to picking at foods or it stops eating
Unfortunately, if allowed to go uncorrected, the fish could just stop eating or never start to eat when it gets to the hobbyist.

Whenever using a de-worming product of any sort in your reef aquarium we recommend replenishing your copepod population as it can cause a decline in their population.

Feed once a day for fish that are getting their every 6 month treatment and twice a day for fish that are suffering from intestinal worms.





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